Your Center for Hospice Care IDG Team

Your Center for Hospice Care IDG Team

A coordinated, interdisciplinary group (IDG) approach is among the most important attributes we offer. Widely considered to be the most effective means of administering hospice care, our IDG team unites five disciplines:

  1. Medical/Clinical
  2. Social Worker
  3. Spiritual Care
  4. Bereavement counseling
  5. Volunteer

This structure, supported by strong volunteer support, provides a holistic and comprehensive set of benefits to the patient and the family specifically tailored to their unique needs. The IDG team meets each week to review, monitor, and modify the patient’s Plan of Care.

A full circle of care and service

Center for Hospice Care Medical Director

  • Leads the overall Plan of Care
  • Consults with patient’s primary care physician
  • Co-certifies prognosis with Attending Physician

Attending Physician

  • Co-certifies prognosis with Medical Director
  • Assesses patient needs
  • Approves and directs the Plan of Care

Nursing staff

  • Includes these certifications: RN, APRN, LPN
  • Assesses needs
  • Coordinates care
  • Symptom control
  • Pain management
  • Education

Medical Social Worker

  • Assesses emotional needs
  • Provides counseling
  • Provides family support


  • Supports all religions/faiths
  • Assesses needs
  • Provides counseling
  • Provides memorial support

Bereavement Counselor

  • Provides 13 months of support
  • Professional counseling for family members
  • Open to the community

Hospice Aide

  • Works under direction of Nursing staff
  • Facilitates care
  • Coordinates supplies and support


  • Provides companionship
  • Non-medical support
  • Complementary Therapies: Pet, Massage, Reiki, and more

Other team members

  • Pharmacist: When appropriate
  • Dietitian: As needed
  • Therapists: If required


  • Accreditations and Certifications:
  • We Honor Veterans
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