Hospitals, SNFS & ALFS

Delivering hospice where it’s needed

While our services are most often delivered at home, sometimes “home” means a hospital, skilled nursing or assisted living facility. Here is an overview of our work with these organizations.

We work closely with the local hospitals

  • Relationships with L + M and Backus Hospitals
  • Partnership with Westerly Hospital for end of life care
  • Long term relationships and proven rapport with physicians, hospitals, community businesses, and legislators

Skilled Nursing Facilities: We offer 3 levels of care

A Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) is an institution where skilled nursing care or rehabilitation services are provided for residents needing medical or nursing care that has a transfer agreement in place with at least one hospital. Here is an overview of our work in this area under a hospice benefit:

Level 1: Routine Home Care

Criteria for activation:

Terminal Diagnosis, prognosis of six months or less, no longer receiving aggressive curative treatments.

Financial considerations:

Medicare A not being used for Room & Board for Skilled Nursing Facility. Room & Board paid for by Medicaid. Private insurance or private pay. Hospice responsible for services of IDG members, medication, DME.

Prior approval needed for:

Labs – Tests, Transportation – Medication, X-rays – Therapies, ER or Hospital Visit.

Level 2: General Inpatient

Criteria for activation:

Terminally ill, intense pain/symptoms requiring frequent evaluations, frequent medication adjustment, complex psychosocial problems, short period of time.

Financial considerations:

Skilled Nursing Facility to bill Hospice a per diem all inclusive rate (agreed upon via contract) for Room & Board, services of IDG members, medication, DME

Level 3: Respite Care

Criteria for activation:

Provide needed relief for caregiver, may only be provided on occasional basis - no more than 5 consecutive days

Financial considerations: Involves patient co-pay

Skilled Nursing Facilities: 7 levels of specialty care that are provided by Center for Hospice Care employees to patients in SNF’s.

  1. Registered Nurse: The SNF nurse is qualified in Hospice Care, bringing individualized pain and symptom control to each patient, collaborating with nurses and physicians in the SNFs with managing difficult situations.
  2. Medical Social Worker: The social worker brings care, compassion, and understanding to the patient and their family member, guiding them and preparing them during the end-of-life process.
  3. Hospice Aide: The aides help the patient with daily personal needs, assisting the SNF staff with extra one-on-one care, thereby giving the staff more time to spend with the patient. Many are certified as Hospice and Palliative Care nursing assistants.
  4. Volunteer: The Volunteer team member will make regular visits in the SNF to the residents on the Center for Hospice Care program providing companionship, vigil support and comfort to the patient and the family. The Volunteer team members may also provide pet therapy, massage therapy, healing touch, reiki and reflexology.
  5. Spiritual Coordinator: A chaplain or spiritual coordinator will be available to the Center for Hospice Care patients, their families and the SNF staff. If specific spiritual needs are requested, arrangements will be made.
  6. Bereavement Counselor: The Bereavement team member will coordinate grief counseling for the residents of the SNF, and also for the employees of the SNF and family members.
  7. Community Liaison: The Community Liaison will assist with educating the SNF facilities’ staff about the services Center for Hospice Care is able to provide their residents. Our Liaison will also organize educational in-service training for the staff.

Assisted Living Facilities: Working with many providers

Our work also extends into the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) category within New London county.

Generally, Assisted Living Facilities offer housing for elderly or disabled people and provide staff who supervise or assist with housekeeping, meals and activities of daily living as needed to ensure health, safety and wellbeing of residents who are living in independent and private living quarters.

Just as we coordinate our actions with Skilled Nursing Facilities, we work closely with ALF management to bring the services of hospice care into their setting.


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