Clinical Education

Think of us as a resource center

Center for Hospice Care offers classes, seminars, and in-service educational programs for many professionals in the community. Here are the main areas of hospice and palliative care expertise for which we offer classes and information sessions.

For professional caregivers

Hospice and Palliative Care 101

  • An introduction to the field, including philosophy, eligibility, insurance coverage, pain management, symptom management, and IDG team model structure.

Assessing for Hospice Care

  • This program defines the criteria for hospice referrals and describes how hospice and palliative care can be highly effective when activated at the appropriate point in the disease process.

Bereavement for employees

  • The loss of a patient affects people beyond the immediate family. We provide a program of support to co-workers, employers, facility residents and other people who are coping with grief.

Care for the caregiver

  • For professional caregivers who work in the world of hospice care, we offer resources to reduce stress, locate support, and reinstate balance in life.

End of Life Personal Care

  • This session provides an overview of the changes that patients exhibit in the final stages of life. It prepares the caregiver to anticipate care issues, including the effect on loved ones.

Foods & Fluids

  • Valuable information for caregivers on the role and effect of different foods and liquids on patients with advanced illnesses.

Pain and Symptom Control

  • An open forum and free exchange of ideas among professional caregivers to review ways to manage pain at the end of life.
  • The precept at work is to preserve the quality of the patient’s life, enabling the patient to devote energy not to pain management, but to spending time with loved ones.

Focus on Palliative Care

  • This form of care often accompanies hospice care, but its purpose is different.
  • We provide an overview of its role in enabling patients to pursue aggressive treatment, and manage symptoms of the pain and its effects on everyone involved.

Ethics & Boundaries

  • Guidelines to assist professional caregivers in maintaining an appropriate level of involvement and maximizing the positive impact of their service.

Hospice/Palliative Care 1-Day Seminars

  • These daylong sessions are offered twice a year.
  • The session includes the most essential elements of other programs and combines them in a concise yet comprehensive one-day course.

For Skilled Nursing Facilities

Center for Hospice Care Introduction for SNFs

  • An overview of our collaborative work with SNF staff, explaining how we work with the facility, patient, family, and primary physician to deliver the services and care required.

Bereavement resources for SNF or ALF residents

  • This program provides support for residents at skilled nursing, assisted living, or long term care facilities who are coping with the loss of a fellow resident.

Alzheimer’s Support

  • We can support SNFs with Alzheimer’s patients at the end of life. The program offers an interdisciplinary approach to treatment and management, and includes ethical, cultural, and family perspectives that shape the program of care.

Self care for Aides and CNAs

  • SNF caregivers experience stress and anxiety as part of providing end of life care. Center for Hospice Care offers an in-service program that teaches techniques for reducing stress, understanding the connection between emotional stress and physical health, and other issues.

Routine Home Care vs General Inpatient Care

  • This program explains levels of care in detail, when a contracted SNF is involved, including what Center for Hospice Care can do for patients needing pain control or symptom management.


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