Hospice & Palliative Care

The Goals of Hospice Care

The Goals of Hospice Care

The primary goal of hospice care is a very simple one: to ensure that every moment counts, in the last six months of life. For terminally ill patients pain relief is often a central concern, and making sure people in our care stay as comfortable as possible is certainly a good starting point, but good hospice services go much further than that.

Hands-on help

Sometimes the small things count. A patient’s day at home can be made easier by a volunteer dropping by to help with cleaning and tidying, to have a chat, or just check in and make sure everything is ok. Being able to call a registered nurse and ask a question can help too. Sometimes just knowing that an expert is always there with support and advice can reduce caregiver stress and help patients feel safer and more comfortable.

Emotional well-being and hospice care

During the last few months of life, physical well-being is only one aspect of care. Terminally ill patients also have emotional and spiritual needs that need to be met, and that’s where our team of counselors and spiritual care providers come in.

Caring for caregivers

Caregivers can also need support during and after the hospice process.  Making sure that those caring for a hospice patient are informed, supported, and listened to is crucial to helping families and loved ones get as much as possible out of the time they have left together.

Bereavement support is also a central goal. Center for Hospice Care offers a range of grief support programs, from traditional support groups to pet and expressive art therapy.


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