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Questions to Ask Your Hospice Provider

Questions to Ask Your Hospice Provider

Are you or someone you love entering into hospice care? Choosing the right hospice care provider can make a big difference during such a crucial time for your family.

How to choose a hospice

At Center for Hospice Care, we know that asking the right questions can help your understanding and increase the comfort level with the care provided by your hospice nurse. Getting the support and services you need is essential to having a good end-of-life experience for your family and loved one

Questions to ask hospice nurses

When you are seeking out a hospice provider, the interview process can be central to you getting the services you desire. Begin by checking the references from previous patients families, local hospitals and clergy to help you get an idea of the quality of care being given. It might also benefit you to learn how long they have been working in your community. Older more established practices, like Center for Hospice Care, show stability which can be a point of comfort when choosing for you or your family member.

It is always essential to check for proper accreditation and licensure when deciding on a provider. Along with that, it’s good to ask if and when they have been surveyed by a federal or state agency and what the results were. Also, many times hospice providers conduct their own in-house quality check that is available to future clients. Additionally, you might want to confirm that your hospice care provider is Medicare certified.

Final questions should include checking for services provided. You want to ensure that your hospice care provider can meet your needs and give you the care you desire. Make sure that you can be accommodated for both in-home or inpatient services. Checking to see if they are certified in palliative care might also be on your list of questions. Is the staff available 24/7 if needed due to crisis or emergency? And also how many patients the nurses have and how much time they can devote to their patients.

How often does hospice visit?

At Center for Hospice Care, each potential hospice client is unique and therefore will have their own individualized plan created that will dictate how often hospice visits. The factors that influence the care plan include items such as the needs of the patient, any special family requests for time, and the availability of services you choose. Get everything you need all the way to the last day and beyond for you and your family by selecting Center for Hospice Care as your provider in eastern Connecticut.


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