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How is Hospice Funded?

How is Hospice Funded?

Your budget can play a big role and be a point of stress in your choice of a hospice care provider. Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut is dedicated to giving everyone a high quality of life all the way to the end. This is why no patient is turned away for financial reasons.

Who pays for hospice?

Hospice care can be covered through private insurance, Medicare or even special coverage. Through local community support and using volunteer work and philanthropic donations, we are able to provide care for those terminally ill without other financial resources.

How much is hospice care?

The price of hospice care can vary depending on your illness, needs, services provided and length of care. According to the latest Medicaid Hospice memorandum, Medicaid pays an average of $194 per day for routine home care and $1,396 per day or $58 an hour for continuous home care. In-patient respite care is allotted about $474 a day whereas general inpatient care is around $1,1021 a day. These numbers can give you a general idea of Medicare coverage, but at Center for Hospice Care, we know every case is individualized and no matter the cost we are here to help.

Can hospice take your house?

When paying for hospice care, you might worry about losing your home or other assets to pay for it. Medicare cannot take your home unless you actively and knowingly deceive the system to get benefits you do not qualify for. Working with Center for Hospice Care, you don’t have to worry about not having the finances to pay for services. We will work with you no matter your situation because we believe everyone has the right to high-quality end of life services.

If you are choosing to use Medicaid to pay for your hospice services, it is highly recommended to employ an estate planning attorney to avoid any loss of property.

How does hospice get paid?

Your hospice services can be paid through a variety of avenues. These include the private insurance plans, Medicare Hospice Benefit, Medicaid Hospice Benefit or through private programs. Don’t let the cost of hospice care scare you away from getting the care you or your loved one needs. Get the individualized treatment you need at a price you can afford by choosing Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut.


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