Hospice & Palliative Care

Does Hospice Resuscitate?

Does Hospice Resuscitate?

The hospice philosophy is that the lives of patients under our care should be as full, joyful and free from suffering as possible, but death should be allowed to come. The end of life should not be either hastened or postponed.

Hospice and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders

Some patients choose to take out what is called a Do Not Resuscitate or DNR order. Here, a person who is in full command of their faculties and able to make the decision chooses to opt out of resuscitation should they later fall into circumstances where resuscitation might otherwise be attempted.

Patients under our care do not have to sign a DNR order. It’s something that should be discussed with those nearing the end of life but does not affect eligibility to receive hospice assistance from our organization.

Can I call 911 for a hospice patient at home?

When a friend or family member is receiving care from a hospice program at home, caregivers can call 911 if they feel it is needed. This may affect ongoing eligibility to receive hospice care.

If possible a discussion should be had about the patient’s wishes in this area before the need arises. Caregivers- both from Center for Hospice Care and those caring for a loved one- should be made aware of what the patient wants as early as possible.


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