Hospice Care for returned servicemen and women - We Honor Veterans

Hospice Care for returned servicemen and women - We Honor Veterans

Today, one in four dying Americans is a veteran

We Honor Veterans is a program sponsored by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Department of Veterans Affairs to support hospices in meeting the unique needs of veterans facing the end of the their lives. Center for Hospice Care is a proud participant in this program.

Recognition and respect

In the past, hospice organizations served veterans but often were not aware of their identity as former servicemen or women. We Honor Veterans helps hospice and palliative care organizations identify, understand, and serve the needs of veterans facing life-limiting illnesses in any setting including the home, a VA hospital, nursing facility, or other setting. We consider caring for veterans an honor.

Qualifications and actions

Center for Hospice Care operates within specific criteria set forth by the We Honor Veterans program. Specifically:

  • We conduct education and outreach to the veteran community in New London County.
  • The clinical staff at Center for Hospice Care has received specialized training in areas such as PTSD and pain management for veteran patients, especially those who have experienced combat.
  • Many times, patients who are veterans have never talked about their experiences, yet have a need to talk about them before their death. Our clinical staff has received special training to help patients express their feelings and experiences, and find peace and comfort.

The tools we use to help veterans

We Honor Veterans uses proven program elements to deliver assistance effectively. Some examples:

  • A Military History Checklist to identify veteran service and assess the impact of their experience.
  • Assistance in identifying resources to determine benefit eligibility of veterans and dependents.
  • Partnering with veterans’ organizations such as Veteran to Veteran Volunteer Program.
  • A Life Review Program that gives the patient the option of recording their military service memories as a legacy for loved ones.

Center for Hospice Care Veterans Honors Pinning Program

Veterans deserve formal recognition, especially as they face the end of life.

The Center for Hospice Care Veterans Honors Pinning Program brings together family members, community leaders, and others who seek to honor veterans for their service.

It involves a simple and dignified ceremony in which a short proclamation is read, and an American flag lapel pin is applied to the veteran’s clothing by another veteran. It is simple, formal, and a powerful form of recognition and respect.

“No person was ever honored for what he or she received.
Honor has always been the reward for what he or she gave.
We are gathered today to honor you for what you gave;
your service to your country.

It is my great honor and privilege to present you today with the American Flag pin from Center for Hospice Care.

On behalf of a grateful Nation, the staff and volunteers of Center for Hospice Care and the Hospice Veterans Partnership of Connecticut, I would like to pay special tribute to you for your Military Service to America, and for advancing the hope of freedom and liberty for all.

For your service, we salute you!”


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