What is the purpose of the groups?

The purpose of the support groups is to facilitate adaptation to grief and loss by providing an opportunity for members to share their experiences in a safe, supportive and gently challenging environment.

Do I need to be 18?

Yes, our groups are for adults. If you are looking for a group for children or teens, you may consider our Expressive Arts groups.

Are groups open or closed?

Groups are closed, meaning that they are not open to anyone who wants to come. We ask that you please call and register for the groups before you attend them.

What topics are discussed?

The focus is on your loss, coping with it and connecting with others going through the same situation.

Are groups the same as therapy?

Support groups are not the same as group therapy and do not replace mental health treatment. The groups are most helpful and effective when used in addition to regular therapy.

Is it confidential?

Our guidelines state that what is said in the group, stays in the group, and that each person’s right to anonymity and privacy is respected.

Do I have to speak?

The strength of the group comes from each one of us giving and receiving support. However, feel free to remain silent or say, “I pass,” if you don’t feel ready to speak out in the group right away. We hope you will share as soon as you feel able.

Is there a fee?

All Center for Hospice Care Support groups are free of charge.


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