About Us

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Looking at death in a different light.

Pain and difficulty may be part of the end of life, but they do not need to define it entirely.

We believe that in the passing of a person’s life, there are also extraordinary opportunities for compassion, reconciliation, spiritual healing, and renewal.

This is why our mission is focused on allowing patients and loved ones to find the support and resources they need to live life meaningfully and fully for as long as it lasts.

The phrase “a good death” is being used more and more these days. It refers to what we at Center for Hospice Care have committed ourselves to for more than 25 years: Unflagging compassion, care, service, and emotional counsel for anyone in our community whose life has been touched by death.

The Vision that inspires us

To be the premier hospice organization providing care to our community.

The Mission that drives us

To provide quality care for people with life-limiting illnesses and support for their loved ones before and after death.

The Values that we practice each day

We refer to our values as HCRAFT, an acronym that serves as shorthand for the guiding principles of hospice and palliative care as we practice it.

Honesty and Integrity

Communicating truthfully and clearly with all, and keeping patient information confidential.


Caring for the patients, families and the community we serve.

Respect and Dignity

Using humility and fairness in our interactions with others.


Following standard policies, professional practices and procedures at all times. Emphasizing life-long learning and improvement as an organization.

Fiscal Responsibility

Being responsible for the ongoing fulfillment of our mission with finite resources.


Collaborating internally and externally, respecting and caring for each other, and providing for our patients and families.


  • Accreditations and Certifications:
  • We Honor Veterans
  • Hartford Courant Top Places to Work 2014
  • Hartford Courant Top Places to Work 2015
  • Hartford Courant Top Places to Work 2017