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Hospice Care at home: the Live Alone Program

Hospice Care at home: the Live Alone Program

Patients who live alone can receive hospice and palliative care through us

In the past, accessing hospice care required that a primary caregiver, someone who attends to the patient’s daily needs, be living with the patient. Those who lived alone were denied the benefit of hospice care at the end of their lives. 

Yet one third of people over age 65 live alone. This is why Center for Hospice Care has created a Live Alone program that enables patients to remain at home and receive hospice and palliative care.

Who the Live Alone program is for

  • Patients who have a strong desire to remain in their own home
  • Those who understand the expected course of their illness
  • Patients who are alert and oriented at the outset of the admissions process
  • Patients who can manage activities of daily living independently and who are ambulatory

Qualifying for the Live Alone program

Medical status on admission
  • A prognosis of 2 months or more
  • Independent toileting and transferring 
  • Movement without adaptive devices
  • Patient or caregiver has working knowledge of medications in use

Cognitive Status

  • Alert and oriented to place, person, time and situation upon admission
  • Ability to make decisions
  • Memory intact
  • Judgment unimpaired

Psychological status

  • Accepts and understands prognosis
  • Accustomed to living alone
  • Independent frame of mind
  • Open to suggestions/recommendations from Center for Hospice Care staff

Support system

  • Designated Health Care Agent
  • Durable Power of Attorney if deemed necessary
  • Title 19 eligible or able to pay for private caregiver if needed


  • Plan developed for end stage care before admission
  • Telephone that is usable
  • Willing to use personal emergency response system
  • Lock box for safety items if necessary


  • Agree to a brief financial assessment to determine ability to access private caregiver if needed


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