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Life Review Program

Creating a collection to remember

The Life Review Program is an opportunity for your loved one and family members to create a lasting remembrance.

Life Review is about telling the story of your loved one’s life. Collections take many forms, and may include: 

  • Letters. Correspondence and cards to family and friends.
  • Stories. Written or shared in some other way, to recall favorite events.
  • Pictures. Photo albums.
  • Memorabilia. Such as collections, keepsakes and favorite personal items.
  • Recordings. Video recordings in which patients can recount feelings and thoughts, share words of comfort or communicate to people not able to be present.

Volunteers trained to help

Our volunteers are trained to assist patients and their families with the creation of a Life Review collection.

Volunteers can:

  • Collect the patient’s stories, thoughts, etc. through video recordings or written word.
  • Create a collection of the patient’s stories, recipes, pictures, poems, etc. in a book.
  • Write letters from the patient to their loved ones.
  • Create a CD of pictures and quotes from the patient.

The therapeutic power of storytelling

As one expert said, “Storytelling can transform you, your friendships, your family and work experience. It can change the way you view your past, your present and your future. Through this ancient art, translated into the language of modern life, you’ll find a new enthusiasm; discover a deeper sense of integrity, purpose and direction; and perhaps see the story of your life in a new light.”

Life Review can be thought of as a condensed method of crafting and telling stories about individuals. It is capable of:

  • Helping the patient maintain self-esteem.
  • Reaffirming his/her sense of identity.
  • Reducing feelings of loss and isolation.
  • Emphasizing the positive aspects of his/her life.
  • Recognizing the value of the life lived.


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